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Welcome To Rotarians Wine Fellowship of India

The Rotarianís Wine Fellowship of India (RWFI), is the India chapter of the RI recognised Rotarianís Wine Appreciation Fellowship (RWAF).

We invite you to join the most enjoyable, wine related social group in existence. Our objective is to learn about wine, wine and food pairings and any other topics related to the appreciation of wine.

Being a part of RWFI will bring you closer not only to the amazing world of wines, but also to Rotarians who believe in an exclusive quality of life. It will enable you to participate in enjoyable and memorable wine events to share our own knowledge and experiences and by learning from the many wine experts and knowledgeable Rotarians throughout the world.

The membership is open to all Rotarians, even those, who currently, are not fans of wine. Spouses of members automatically become members of the RWFI.





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